Specialist Floor Drains

Solving problem floor drains with innovative solutions

A problem solver

Often poor plumbing and drainage systems lead to resultant odours or insect infestation coming from floor drains. Such problems can give a negative perception in terms of hygiene to guests and visitors using your washrooms and showers. VERTECO’s range of floor drains can eradicate these problems with simple retro-fit solutions.

Modern floor drainage technology

VERTECO provides retro-fit floor drains which offer a simple, multi-patented and cost effective solutions for new build and retro-fit applications. These drains utilise a closed system which provides a hygienic seal between the drain system and the washroom, circumventing traditional drainage issues such as siphoning, odours, evaporation, blockages and pest entry.

VERTECO is a trusted provider of washroom drainage solutions in the UAE and can help to assess, install and maintain the washroom drains within your property thus ensuring an exceptional washroom experience for your clients, customers and staff.