Water Saving

Helping your business save water

Saving water is good for business

As the importance of corporate sustainability increases, so to do pressures from stakeholders, environmental groups, NGO’s, the public and the government.

New legislative green building codes continue to be implemented across the UAE, increasingly mandating organisations’ attention to water usage.

In addition to the environmental benefits, efficient water management in organisations also reduces operating costs.  In many cases the payback period for water conservation improvement is measured in weeks rather than years, meaning it is also an economically lucrative choice. In short, saving water means saving money for your company.

Most organisations’ already have initiated some water saving measures, such as fixing aerators in faucets, and flow regulators in showers, but most have the opportunity to save much more.

Saving water is easy

Fortunately, saving water is not difficult or costly. Every business can do its bit to help the UAE save water by investing in inexpensive retro-fit solutions, such as:

As well as our own VERTECO designed and manufactured water saving products such as the waterless urinal, VERTECO is proud to be the distributor of NEOPERL water saving aerators and flow regulators.

Join the many organisations already saving

VERTECO has been helping organisations save water in the region since 2003.  Hotels, retail, schools, office buildings, leisure facilities, sporting venues, restaurants, utilities companies, government organisatuons are amongst the many hundred types of organisations which have turned to VERTECO to deliver their water saving initiatives.

Request a water audit today

If you know you want to save water but are not sure how to or in which areas without compromising user comfort or practical levels of water flow, why not request a FREE WATER AUDIT.  Our qualified technicians will conduct a comprehensive audit which will help us in making practical cost efficient recommendations.