Waterless Urinal Technology

We are pioneers in Waterless Urinal Technology and inventors of the worlds first retrofit Waterless Urinal System in 1992. This was the world’s second ever Waterless Urinal System and a true breakthrough, removing the need for customers to change urinal fixtures to go waterless and resulting in significant savings.

Since the inception, the technology has been continuously enhanced in conjunction with McAlpine & Co and commands the largest portfolio of intellectual property in the industry.

Besides having our own global brands, we also manufacture for a number of OEM, Merchant and Hygiene channels.

Products falling under Waterless Urinal Technology include New Urinal Bowls, Installation Packs, Maintenance Materials, Cleaning & Dosing and Waterless Urinal Adaptors.

VERTECO's System Benefits Include:

  • Eliminating Urinal Odors
  • Save Money
  • Save Water
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Fully Recyclable
  • No More Urinal Flooding
  • Reduces Blockages
  • Improves Urinal Hygiene
  • No More Harmful Chemicals

Urinal Bowls

Through a number of Regional Partners, our Group is proud to contract-manufacture an exceptionally wide range of urinal bowl models for both retrofit and specification environments.

Urinals are packaged as complete installation kits. Furthermore, they are readily available through a number of selected channel partners, distributors and OEMs. The Group also provides all urinal models as a turnkey installation solution.

Installation Packs

We manufacture a number of installation pack variants, covering a wide variety of scenarios encountered at the point of installation. This includes having a large range of auxiliary and specialist fittings within our portfolio.

A number of installation pack variants are readily available through selected channel partners, distributors and OEMs. VERTECO also provides all pack variants as a turnkey installation solution.

Prices and further specification documentation are available on request.

Maintenance Materials

Verteco Group manufactures maintenance materials for a number of leading brands in the emerging Waterless Urinal Technology sector.

Maintenance materials include replacement cartridges, valves, keys and auxiliary fittings.

These products are readily available directly as a serviced solution, or through selected channel partners, distributors and OEMs.

Waterless Urinal Adaptors

Both Waterless Urinals and Reduced Flushing Systems have been historically perceived negatively. This is primarily due to the type of technology utilized, including how these systems are installed and the maintenance practices adopted thereafter. 

A number of these systems do not functionally overcome common urinal problems such as odours, blockages and general poor hygiene.

For those who have made the strategic decision to go waterless and are not satisfied with the results, we have developed a range of adapters to retro-fit functionally inferior systems. Therefore, avoiding the costly need to revert back to water flushing or change the fabric of the washroom.

All Waterless Urinal Adaptors are tried and tested and conform to the relevant code.

Cleaning & Dosing

Carrying out a vigilant cleaning and dosing regime goes a long way to ensuring operational problems are significantly reduced and minimizes run to breakdown scenarios.

We manufacture a number of bespoke Biological Solutions for plumbing and drainage applications and are considered a leader in this specialist field.

Our Cleaning & Dosing solutions are readily available directly through VERTECO as a serviced solution, or via selected distribution channels and OEM partners