Water and the UAE

“Water is more important than oil for the UAE”

His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces 18th January, 2012

Our precious resource

Water may still be inexpensive, but that does not mean it is plentiful. In a region that depends heavily on desalination to supply its population, it is crucial that everyone take part in helping preserve our precious supply. The quality of life for the UAE’s growing population and the future growth of the Emirates depends on water.

While resources are limited, the UAE has one of the highest water consumption rates in the world.

The water that comes out of your tap has been desalinated, treated and transported to your home or business.  This process requires a lot of energy, so by reducing your water usage, you’ll help to reduce the UAE’s dependence on desalination and its carbon footprint.

Did you know?

  • Per capita water consumption in the UAE is 550 litres per day, 82%, above the global average.
  • There is only 5 days water reserve in UAE
  • Desalination production in UAE and other Gulf oil producers account for 41% of worlds total desalinated water output.
  • Desalination has a carbon footprint of 25kg per cubic metre of water. This excludes building and maintaining desalination.
  • The UAE spends AED11.8 billion per year on the production of desalinated water, an average AED 7.16 per cubic metre.
  • By 2030 fuel requirements for desalination will reach 16 million tons of oil equivalent (or 20% of the country’s primary energy demand)
  • UAE has 19 of the world top 100 largest desalination plants